Payment to Accreditation Readiness for resources/documents includes a licensing agreement, which gives the organization making the purchase permission to use the copyrighted materials within their business. This allows use of the materials within the internal operations of the legal business entity of the individual, and/or business who makes the payment and accepts the terms of the agreement.

  The licensing agreement prohibits transfer, or use, of the copyrighted materials outside of the internal operations by the legal business entity, or representative thereof, making the payment and accepting the licensing terms.

  When revisions are made to adjust the format and/or content to increase consistency with the operations of the organization licensed to use them, ownership of copyright remains with Accreditation Readiness (see Federal Copyright Office for specific references). Only content that was significantly revised to the extent that it is not recognizable when compared to the original material, or new and original content, can be transferred to, or used by parties outside the organization. All original and/or slightly-to-moderately altered content or formatting remains within the boundaries of the licensing agreement, as per federal copyright guidelines and regulations.