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CARF Required Plans

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Our download includes multiple resources to assist you with all five of the "CARF Plans" required in Section One of all CARF Accreditation Standard Manuals. The resources included in the download are as follows:

  • Overview CARF Terminology (Related to developing your plans)

1. Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan

A. Organizational Cultural Competency Assessment Overview  

B. Organizational Cultural Competency and Diversity Assessment 

C. Organizational Cultural Competency Assessment 

D. Sample Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan 

E. Cultural Diversity and Competency Plan 2012-2012 Sample 

F. Quality Care Inc., Sample Plan

G. Cultural Competency Training 1 

H. Cultural Competency Training 2 


2. Accessibility Plan

A. Accessibility Planning: Over and CARF Standards Implementation 

B. Accessibility Plan 1  

C. Accessibility Plan 2 

D. Accessibility Plan 3 

E. Accessibility Plan Template 

F. Accessibility Plan Status Report Template 

G. Accessibility Plan Status Report

H. Architectural Assessment/ADA

I. Office/Site Environmental Assessment

J. Attitudinal Assessment

K. Tips and Methods for Assessing Financial, Employment, Transportation, and Communication Barriers


3. Strategic Plan

A. Strategic Planning: Overview and CARF Standards Implementation

B. Strategic Planning Policy and Procedures

C. Strategic Plan Template One and Example

D. Strategic Plan Template Two and Example


4. Technology Plan

A. Technology Planning: Overview and CARF Standards Implementation

B. Technology and System Plan Assessment 1

C. Technology and System Plan Assessment 2

D. Technology Plan Sample 1

E. Technology Plan Sample 2


5. Risk Management Plan

A. Risk Management: Overview and Standards Implementation

B. Risk Management Policy and Procedures

C. Risk Management Assessment

D. Risk Management Plan 1

E. Risk Management Plan 2

F. Risk Management Plan 3


Document is in easy-to-edit Microsoft Word format and is 234 total pages.