Are you among the many “CARF Consultants” who are assisting organizations with accreditation, yet have limited experience with the CARF accreditation process and/or application of the CARF standards?   If so… we can help!

We offer “as needed” support services for CARF Consultants in the following areas:

  •   Standards Interpretation
  •   Practical Strategies for Standards Implementation
  •   Tools and Tips for Blending “Conceptual CARF” with “Practical CARF”
  •   Documentation Tools and Resources
  •   Building an Ethical Practice
  •   Strategies and Legal Remedies for Unethical Competitors
  •   Efficient Collections/Account Receivables
  •   Legal Aspects of Copyrighting, Publishing, and Contracting
  •   Increasing Customer Satisfactions and Outcomes

Support services are provided through email, phone, text, and Skype communication.

Consultant support is contracted on an hourly basis. Contact us for a discussion of your needs.