How you can (and cannot) use these documents

The Accreditation Readiness licensing agreement allows the legal business entity of an individual or business, making the purchase, to use the materials/documents within their internal business operations.

Internal Use

If a consultant makes payment for materials/documents and agrees to the licensing terms included in the payment process, the materials would be licensed for use within the internal business and/or clinical operations of the consultant’s legal business entity.

For example, if a consultant employed individuals or had sub-contractors working within their business, the use of materials related to corporate compliance/code of ethics could be used internally within management practices related to the employed individuals and/or sub-contractors.

Transfer, or use, of the materials outside of the internal operations of the legal entity agreeing to the licensing terms is prohibited, so a consultant could not legally use (or transfer) the materials within the provision of consultation to their clients and/or outside organizations.

Legal Use By Consultants

If a consultant contracts to work for an organization who has made payment for, and has agreed to the licensing terms for use of the copyrighted materials within their internal operations, assisting the organization with implementation of the materials is not prohibited.

Any use, transfer, and/or distribution of the materials, by a consultant, outside the internal operations of the organization with a license for use would constitute a violation of copyright.