CARF Policy and Procedures

Accreditation Readiness is an industry leader in the development and delivery of quality written policies and procedures that support successful CARF accreditation outcomes.

Our policies and procedures:

  • The result of 11 years of direct application of the CARF standards of accreditation through partnerships with over 160 individual organizations
  • Reflective of continuous redesign and revision as the CARF standards have evolved over the past decade
  • Designed for practical application within each organization’s unique administrative and service delivery culture
  • Adaptable for implementation based on the needs of each organization
  • Delivered as part of an overall survey preparation approach supporting long-term accreditation success
  • Highly supportive of quality of care and performance improvement outcomes
  • Authored and continually updated by Robert Johnson, President of Accreditation Readiness, LLC

In addition to providing policies and procedures through our consultation services, we offer a comprehensive bundled package of policies, procedures, tools, plans, forms, and implementation tutorial resources. All documents are formatted to allow editing by organizations for appropriate adaptation.

Sample Documents