A CARF Preparation Action Plan provides the guidance needed to transform an ambiguous and tentative accreditation process into one of confidence through ongoing accreditation readiness. Completed through an on-site visit and assessment of your organization, the plan is your road map to successful accreditation.

Included in your plan:

Comprehensive Management Summary

  • Reviews organizational management and information systems
  • Analyzes systems in relationship to meeting the accreditation standards
  • Provides leadership with road map for a successful accreditation outcome

Analysis of Organizational Accreditation Readiness

  • Delivers standard-by-standard analysis of current accreditation readiness status
  • Results in organization-specific recommendations for meeting standards
  • Provides “standard specific” checklists of action steps to be taken
  • Lists documents and materials needed to support action steps
  • Identifies relationships between standards an
  • d organizational processes

CARF Consultant Plans

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