Do you have a subscription to Survey Monkey (or thinking about getting one)?

Accreditation Readiness Survey Monkey Input Surveys for Persons Served, Parents/Guardians, Employees, and External Stakeholders

 How It Works

  • Availability of multiple survey templates, varying in length and detail for targeted input groups
  • Custom survey revision, based on each individual organization’s size, programs, and population
  • Provision of copyright license agreement for organizational control over use of delivered products
  • Services and products designed and delivered based on organizational need
  • Detailed service delivery and final cost agreement completed prior to services
  • Survey set-ups and Survey Monkey training provided within the delivery of services
  • Ongoing support of survey process, analysis, revision, and focused surveys, available upon request

 How You Benefit

  • Simple and easy methods to meet service delivery requirements of efficiency, effectiveness, and access measurement
  • Generate objectives for strategic, accessibility, technology, risk management, and cultural competency plans
  • “Tweak” and revise your survey statements/questions to respond to your organization’s unique culture, growth, and changing demographics
  • Instant access to multiple analysis and presentation tools
  • Meet comparative analysis and test/re-test reliability requirements through easy-to-use software functions

Paper, subscription-based, and commercially sold software surveys currently on the market lack the flexibility and financial savings that custom designed and “real-time revisable” surveys provide.

Surveys are transferred to your organization’s Survey Monkey pro account ($200 a year cost @ Survey Monkey).

Our Goal: Help you develop a survey process that is easy to use, cost-efficient, is not dependent on ongoing consultation, software updates, or outside designers,  and fully supports meeting accreditation requirements.

Contact us!    We can help you assess your needs and provide an initial cost estimate for your consideration.