CARF Tools, Plans, and Forms

Don’t be fooled by folks selling ‘cookie-cutter’ policies, procedures, tools, and forms. Converting the components of a CARF standard to a document, and adding some window dressing to it, may enable you to ‘get over on CARF,’ yet it has minimal value for setting the foundation for long term business, clinical, or accreditation success.

Our tools are developed ‘from scratch’ by combining extensive research and field experience in support of the long-term success of your business. The comprehensiveness of content allows you to eliminate what you don’t need rather than continuously having to fill in gaps and create content, survey after survey after survey. They also reflect both the current standards of accreditation and current field-based business and program practices.

If you’re seeking to pay $25,000-$30,000 to folks who promise to ‘take care of everything you need to get past CARF,’ then close this window, get back on the search engine of your choice, and you will find them. If you are looking for quality tools and resources, combined with personalized assistance to meet your accreditation needs, you are now at your destination!

A Sample Of Available Tools and Resources

All resources (Tools, Policy, Procedures, Plans, Forms) are included in the cost of ongoing off site consultation services. and all are formatted to allow editing by organizations for appropriate adaptation.

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