Our software contains the following features:

  • An initial demographic questionnaire, so the results (total average score, average section score, average question score) can be sorted by age, race, income level, disability, etc…
  • Canned questions by category
  • A section in which the user can insert questions, or the ability within each section of the canned sections to insert a set/limited number of sections.
  • An anonymous user system (which we have discussed various options).
  • An administrator’s users section (password in) to view, sort, print the results.
  • A results section that would sort them by time range, demographics, sections, questions, etc.
  • A results section that would allow for comparison of results of different time ranges
  • A results section that would allow the administrator to choose from various presentation options (graphs, statistical printouts, etc).
  • The ability of an administrator to put a link on their public web site and access the survey (this would be for a separate survey targeted toward referral sources, families, community members to give feedback to the organization, and would have a different demographic data sheet and different questions)