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Reference Documents

  • Resource Disk Document Index

Program/Service Structure (Section 2.A.) 10 Documents

  • Program Plan/Scope of Services Tutorial and Development Guide with Sample 1
  • Program Plan/Scope of Services Sample 2
  • Program Plan/Scope of Services Sample 3
  • Positive Behavioral Management Policy and Procedures
  • Group Clinical and Direct Service Provider Supervision Policy and Procedures
  • Clinical Supervision Plan and Procedures (Individual Focused)
  • Clinical Supervision Plan and Procedures (Group Focused)
  • Individual Supervision Documentation Form
  • Group Supervision Documentation Form
  • Group Supervision Form: Completed Example

Screening and Access to Services (Section 2.B) 13 Documents

  • Screening and Admission Policy and Procedure Sample
  • Waiting List Policy and Procedure
  • Pre-Screening/Admission Information Form (Client Completed)
  • Sample Screening/Triage Form (Self Referral)
  • Sample Screening/Triage Form (Organizational Referral)
  • Interpretive Summary Overview, Embedded Tutorial, Example Written Summary
  • Orientation Tutorial: A Fail-Safe Approach for Meeting Orientation Standards
  • Overview of Screening and Assessment Process
  • Orientation of Persons Served
  • Personal Safety Plan Screening Assessment
  • Personal Safety Plan Assessment: Child/Parent/Guardian, Comprehensive
  • Personal Safety Plan Assessment: Child/Parent/Guardian, Short Form
  • Personal Safety Plan Assessment: Adult, Comprehensive

Person-Centered Plan (Section 2.C) 8 Documents

  • Person Centered Vs. Provider Centered Planning
  • Person Centered Plan Policy
  • Person Centered Plan Sample, with Tutorial
  • Person Centered Planning: Tips
  • Personal Safety Plan Overview
  • Personal Safety Plan Template
  • Personal Safety Plan Template, with Tutorial
  • Progress Review Form Sample

Transition/Discharge (Section 2.D.) 5 Documents

  • Transition and Discharge Planning Tips and Suggestions
  • Transitional Planning: Behavioral Health
  • Transitional Planning Form: Opioid Treatment
  • Transitional Planning Form: Community-Based Children Services
  • Discharge Summary Form, with Embedded Tutorial

Medication Use (Section 2.E) 29 Documents

  • Medication Use Practices: Overall Policy
  • Medication Disposal
  • Medication Administration
  • Medication Inventory
  • Medication Education and Training
  • Medication Errors
  • Medication Documentation
  • Medication Storage
  • Medication Lab Studies
  • Medication Audit Sheet
  • Medication: Sample Medication
  • Medication Disposal: Small Org
  • Medication Administration: Small Org
  • Medication Inventory: Small Org
  • Medication Education and Training: Small Org
  • Medication Errors: Small Org
  • Medication Documentation: Small Org
  • Medication Delivery, Storage, and Handling: Small Org
  • Medication Informed Consent: Antipsychotic
  • Medication Informed Consent: Carbamazepine
  • Medication Informed Consent: Lithium
  • Medication Informed Consent: MAO Inhibitors
  • Medication Informed Consent: Psychomotor Stimulants
  • Medication Informed Consent: Psychotropic
  • Medication Informed Consent: Sedative
  • Medication Informed Consent: SSRI
  • Medication Informed Consent: Tricyclic Antidepressent
  • Medication Informed Consent: Other Medications
  • Medication Services Example: A One Document Example of All Standards/Ambulatory Detox and Outpatient Psychiatry

Nonviolent Practices (Section 2.F) 2 Documents

  • Statement of Nonviolent Practices Policy
  • Emergency Behavioral Intervention: Physical Hold, Children’s Services
  • Nonviolent Practices Policy and Procedures: See-Positive Behavioral Management Policy and Procedures (Section 2.A)

Records of the Persons Served (Section 2.G) 1 Documents

  • Hard Copy Records of Persons Served Policy and Procedures

Quality Records Management (Section 2.H) 6 Documents

  • Read This First: Using the Quality Record Review to Meet the Clinical General Program Standards
  • Quality Record Review Policy and Procedure 1
  • Quality Record Review Policy and Procedure 2
  • Quality Record Review Policy and Procedure 3
  • Quality Record Review Form 1
  • Quality Record Review Form 2

Total Documents: 74

Pages: 200+

Documents are in Microsoft Word format for easy editing