Our Transportation and Community-Based Safety documents provide you with foundational resources to meet the CARF Health and Safety standards for transporting persons served and providing services within the community. In addition to supporting the health and safety of the persons served and your employees, implementation of these resources provide significant reduction of risk exposure for your organization.

Included in our download are the following:

1. Community-Based Services Safety Guide: The 16-page booklet (8 x 11 page size) provides guidelines for staff working in community settings. Information includes “how to” guidelines and steps to ensure an employee’s safety within multiple situations and environments they may experience while providing services within a community. The guide can be edited to include any additional information that is specific to your organization’s services and/or related safety issues. The guide is an excellent training tool, and can be used in orientation of new employees, ongoing safety training, and as a reference guide employees can carry with them while providing services.

2. Vehicle Safety: Emergency Policy and Procedures: The 8-page booklet (8 x 11 page size) provides guidelines for staff in transporting persons served. Information includes required standards for drivers, documentation required in vehicles, required safety equipment, limiting distraction requirements, procedures for dealing with a disabled vehicle, dealing with disruptive passengers, accidents without injuries, accidents with injuries, other medical emergencies, transporting clients to a higher level of care, and emergency phone numbers. The policy and procedure/safety guide can be used for initial and ongoing safety training, and our transportation safety post-test included in these resources is consistent with the content in this booklet.

3. Vehicle Emergency Procedures, A Quick Reference Guide: A two-page quick reference guide that can be printed on the front and back of an 8×11 sheet of paper, laminated, and placed securely in each vehicle used to transport person’s served. It is organized and formatted to ensure that an employee has easy and quick access to required organizational policy and actions to be taken in the event of an emergency.

4. Transportation Safety Training Post-Test: This document is consistent with the included transportation policy and procedures and can be used to ensure the required competency-based initial and ongoing training has been completed.

5. Monthly Vehicle Inspection Form: This one-page form is designed to ensure vehicles authorized to transport your clients are meeting safety requirements and that requirements being met are fully documented.


Document is 35 total pages and in Microsoft Word for any editing/revisions that may be appropriate