This download document includes resources to meet CARF standards related to contract employees, and contains the following resources. All downloads are in Microsoft Word format for easy editing.

  • Contract Employee Overview and Resource Implementation Guide: This resource contains a historical perspective and current trends and practices in the field, a discussion of related CARF definitions and standards, and implementation guidance for applying the standards and each resource.
  • Overview of Contract Employee Laws and Regulations: This resource document provides a review off employee categorizations, as per IRS guidelines, and includes some situational examples of how they may be applied within human service settings.
  • Contract Employee Policy and Procedure: This resource document is a sample policy and procedure that includes sections on defining worker employment categories, organizational practices that apply to contractors under CARF’s “all personnel” requirements, contract/performance review components, and additional requirements for “direct service” contract employees, including verification of credentials, determination of competency/competency-based training, and ongoing supervision.
  • Contract Employee Contract Example 1: This tool/form provides a template, with embedded example content, for worker identifying information, the role and scope of work, core clinical competencies, core organizational competencies, components of the evaluation process, areas for performance improvement, requirements for initial and annual reviews, checklist for initial contractor orientation and training requirements, checklist for annual contractor requirements, and all required signature blocks.
  • Contract Employee Contract Example 2: This tool/form is an abbreviated format , with embedded examples, containing worker identifying information, the role and scope of work, contractor job functions, the steps of the evaluation process, and signature blocks.
  • Contract Addendum Example 1: Take a look at this document! {module_literature,i,87006}This form is designed to integrate the CARF standards for contract performance evaluation and adherence to CARF standards with a contractor agreement that may already be in place at your organization.

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