Want to position your organization to be in a perpetual state of accreditation readiness?

The tools provided in our download for Information Measure and Management will support you and your organization in achieving this goal.

Included in the download are the following documents:

  •  About Section 1.M: Standards Overview and Implementation Guide:  A practical look at the Information Measure and Management standards, what they require within day-to-day operations, and tips for survey preparation.
  •  Managing Information and The Management Team Model: An overview of the four components necessary to become an “accreditation ready” organization.
  •  Management Team 101 “Formalizing the Informal”: Describes the function of a “central informational hub” for simultaneously running your organization and meeting the CARF standards.
  • Information Management Team Agenda: A meeting agenda that ensures your information management embeds conformance with the CARF standards within accepted practices of running a successful business.
  •  Information Management Team Tutorial: Helpful tips for covering the agenda items in a manner that addresses CARF and ongoing business requirements.
  •  Management Team Minutes Sample: A clear and practical approach for turning the documentation of agenda item discussion into an ongoing organizational action plan
  •  Tips to Support the Management Team Process:  Covers the four basic components of facilitating a successful team process.
  •  Organizational Structure Assessment: An organizational self-assessment tool that assists you and/or your organizational leadership in identifying areas to improve information management outcomes.
  •  Key Elements in Meeting the Business Function Information Measure and Management Standards: A guide for understanding the terms and requirements for Business Function performance improvement.
  •  Key Elements in Meeting the Service Delivery Information Measure and Management Standards: A guide for understanding the terms and the requirements for Service Delivery performance improvement.

Download: 10 documents/37 total pages