The materials provided in our download for Section N: Performance Improvement, will support meeting all the previous ASPIRE standards in Section One of the CARF manual.

A comprehensive annual performance analysis is a fundamental component of a successful accreditation outcome.

Included in the download are the following documents:

  •  About Section 1.N: Standards Overview and Implementation Guide:  A practical look at the Performance Improvement standards, what they require within day-to-day operations, and tips for survey preparation.
  •  Performance Analysis Template: A template, noting each area of required performance improvement and performance analysis, that allows you to fill in content and draft an annual analysis.
  •  Sample Performance Analysis: A very comprehensive and detailed performance analysis that covers each required area of analysis, and provides multiple examples of specific content related to performance improvement measures and indicators noted in Section One M: Information Measure and Management. This document is a great tool to lead you through the process of drafting your organization’s performance analysis, as it provides the level of detail necessary to gain a full understanding of how performance improvement would look within an organization that is fully implementing the CARF accreditation standards.

Download: 3 documents/29 total pages