CARF ASPIRE: Section One L: Accessibility Planning

Our Accessibility Planning document provides you with the following resources:

  • Accessibility Planning: Over and CARF Standards Implementation: This document reviews the philosophical underpinnings of the accessibility standards, explains each section of the plan through the use of examples, details three important issues that support successful implementation, discusses the three most likely ways a surveyor will expect to see the standards demonstrated, and lists questions that a surveyor may ask about accessibility during an on-site survey.
  • Accessibility Plan 1: An accessibility plan that includes examples of identified barriers, goals, objectives, target dates, resources required, and persons responsible.
  • Accessibility Plan 2: A second accessibility plan with different examples.
  • Accessibility Plan 3: A third accessibility plan with different examples.
  • Accessibility Plan Template: A template that allows you to type in your accessibility planning information.
  • Accessibility Plan Status Report Template: A template that allows you to type in your annual accessibility analysis/status report .
  • Accessibility Plan Status Report: An accessibility status report that provides an example of what an annual status report would contain.
  • Architectural Assessment/ADA: A comprehensive Architectural Assessment tool that is user-friendly and provides practical assistance with the basics of modifications consistent with “reasonable accommodations” for persons with physical disabilities.
  • Office/Site Environmental Assessment: A checklist for assessing environmental conditions supportive of  wellness and growth in a human service environment and establishing areas to address in reducing barriers.
  • Attitudinal Assessment: A simple assessment system/process to determine attitudinal variance, between staff and persons served, and target areas to be addressed.
  • Tips and Methods for Assessing Financial, Employment, Transportation, and Communication Accessibility Barriers: Provides information on using processes already in place (Employee, Person Served, External Stakeholder Input Surveys) to assess accessibility in four important and required areas of planning and performance improvement.

Document Length: 123 Pages

All documents are in Microsoft Word for easy editing.